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World Hacker Games

Welcome to the World Hacker Games

The World Hacker Games is the competitive event arena where the HACKERverse® community comes to life. This is the worlds first competitive MMA ring for Cybersecurity and SaaS products. The competitive arenas are like CTF's combined with Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) featuring computer software platforms.

It is the worlds premiere cybersecurity community where you can touch, see and feel Cybersecurity products in a real-world, gloves-off environment. We've invented community-led experiential buying of Cybersecurity software, and by virtue of this we have created an entirely new category of software solutions for the next big web thing.

Come on in, its free to join! You can sit and watch, be entertained, participate in a Capture The Flag (CTF) event, learn some new skills, get certifications or help our Arena devs build something new and cool!


Team Composition

Teams should consist of a predetermined number of members (e.g., 3 to 5 hackers per team). Teams should choose unique and creative names related to hacking or technology.

Game Setup

Flags (virtual tokens or files) will be strategically placed on servers and systems within the HACKERverse®. Events can be anywhere from a couple of hours to multi-day, multi-phase events.


Points are earned by successfully capturing and submitting flags. Different flags may have different point values based on difficulty.

No External Attacks or Disruption of Service

Teams are not allowed to launch attacks on external systems outside the designated World Hacker Games® or the HACKERverse®. Deliberate attempts to disrupt services on the World Hacker Games® or HACKERverse® platforms are strictly prohibited.

Flag Capture

Teams must provide proof (e.g., a specific character string, file, binary, hex or decimal code snippet, image, audio, computer representation or screenshot) when capturing a flag. Teams must submit captured flags through our secure submission system.

Fair Play

The will be no UN-Ethicalness or Cheating. The use of any unauthorized tools, scripts, methods or techniques to gain an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. Respectful and sportsmanlike behavior is expected from all participants. By participating, you agree to uphold the principles of trust, honesty and integrity in the games and in your field of practice.

Dispute Resolution

Unbiased referees or judges will resolve disputes and enforce the rules.


Participants must agree to follow ethical hacking principles and not exploit vulnerabilities outside the World Hacker Games® or the HACKERverse®. The organizers reserve the right to monitor activities for fair play and security reasons.

Awards and Recognition

Prizes may be awarded for the winning team, individual achievements, and other notable accomplishments.


All participants must agree to sign a liability waiver acknowledging the virtual and ethical nature of the competition. The organizers reserve the right to modify rules and make final decisions in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Join the World Hacker Games

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